Here are a few resources that I have found to be very useful and I use them on a regular basis.  This is not a traditional "link page" since these are sites or programs that I use regularly.   I hope that they will be useful to you as well.





 QSL and Logging Information


  • LogBook of the World - ARRL's system to confirm QSO's and use the confirmations as credit toward various awards.


  • eQSL - the "Electronic QSL Center."


  • Global QSL - create and send "real" QSL's online.


  • HRD Logbook - this logbook is included with Ham Radio Deluxe 5.  I use this for general day-today logging but use other programs (see below) for contest logging.


  • - this is a web-based logbook that is used in conjunction with the HRD Logbook.


 Contest Information



  • WriteLog - Contest Logging Software (payware).


  • GenLog - Contest Logging Software (freeware).


  Clubs and Associations













 Digital Modes


  • Ham Radio Deluxe - One Program that "Does it All!"  (Well, almost all - see below.)


  • WSPR - Weak Signal Propagation Reporter.


  • WSJT-X - JT9 and JT65 software.


  • JT-Alert - A very useful add on for WSJT-X (above).


 Staying Connected


  • MyHamShack - a free web page to post pictures of your shack, run a blog or tell everyone about a project.



  • - a good source for articles, reviews and other information.


 Call Sign Database


  • - a great site for looking up callsigns and other information.

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